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Bonjour!  I am Angel, guardian of the Cosmos, and this is my website!  This site is dedicated to the anime of the popular cartoon Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.  We have tons of info, and things to keep you occupied, for sure!  So look around, and remember, feedback is appreciated, so sign the guestbook or fill out the form!  To navigate this site, click on the links on the frame to your left.
News & Updates
- June 25, 2001
New layout!  And guess what?  This one's permanent!  Yup, it's the last layout I'm making.  It took me some time too, so I hope you enjoy.  People with browsers 800x600, it is reccomended that you also use the navigation for netscape, because the other on will look sort of weird to you.  So, after this, all I will be doing is updating.  I'm almost finished with the quizzes, and soon I'll have the Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert ones for you to try your luck on.  That's all for now, toodles!
  - June 22, 2001
As most of you might know, I took the site down on June 19 because I had too many updates to make on the site, and I think that's very unprofessional of me to have my site like that.  What I really need is a co-webmistress to share the load on my shoulders.  If anyone is interested, please email me with your reason for wanting the job.  In other news, the site is basically done.  Sweet Secrecy, which you can tell has its on column on the navigation bar, hehe, will be constricted down to just Tile and Border Backgrounds, but I'll take submissions from people if they'd like.  Silent Waters, my beautiful site, will not be finished for a very LONG time because I have decided to make it look like the first fanfiction site I went to, Usagi and Mamoru Fanfiction Archive, which use to be located at Tripod, but changed to UsaMamo.Com, and was taken over by UsagiandMamoru.Com.  I loved the original Layout they had, and I've decided to make my site look like that.  I'm starting slowly, but it'll be done before summer ends.
  - June 15, 2001
Another new layout!  I just couldn't help myself.  I know, I know, I should be updating the rest of the site.  I haven't even changed the layout of PPMS yet!  It's still at the star layout!  I'm not looking forward to it either.  Looks like I have a LONG weekend ahead.  Netscape users, sorry for the delay.  Here is the navigation for you.  It still has a few bugs, but most of the features are available.
  - June 2, 2001
Well, I was sick of the past layout, so I changed it.  I decided that I could liven up the colors, because black gets a little dreary sometimes, and I promised myself to change layouts more.  But actually, I'm quite thinking about keeping this one permanently.  It's hard thinking up layouts.  My inspiration for this on came from Eternal Palace.  It has the same frame design, but navigation and content is different, plus I didn't use an image for the title.  It just so happens that this site is also the Site of the Week, in honor of the design.
- May 26, 2001
We need a new design!  I'm getting tired of this one now!  I mean, sure it's beautiful and elegant, but it's getting boring!  Anyone know a good one I can use?  Email me with the address and you'll get the Helper Award.
- May 15, 2001
Well, as promised, I'm updating the site.  I realized something today.  Why have an updates mailing list and not use it?   So I am.  You'll probably be getting this same message if you're on the mailing list.  What's been updated: the main part of the site.  I've finished the picture gallery, no more P.P.M.S. for a VERY long time.  That's basically it.  More updates soon.
- May 12, 2001
Things are getting a little hazardous in my life, so I took down the site.  Of course, I don't know what I was going to do with it, because if I didn't have it up, what was the point of having it on my hard drive, eating up space?  So I put it back, for another long day.  I really have no time to keep updating, and changing things, and so forth, with my grades, going to school, etc.  Also, one little note I'd like to make.  To the people who filled out the link recommendation form, please make sure that your links work.  I've tested out some of the links, and I can't seem to get through.  If you've submitted your link, and it's not up on the page now, then please re-submit.  Oh, also, before I forget, I put up our little countdown to the first day of summer, as well as our countdown to our next anniversary.  Can you believe this site has been up for 1 year and counting?  It's amazing!  I remember back to the days when we were at Geocities, with the Yahoo Page Builder, which was a nightmare. Check it all out at the end of this page.
Site of the Week
  - Week of 5-21-01 to 5-27-01
This week's site is beautiful!  I just fond it while browsing the web today, and I love it!  It's organized, it has a pretty layout (loves Usagi), and good info!  The name of it is Sailor Moon Sanctuary.  I give it a 9 out of 10!
- Week of 5-14-01 to 5-20-01
This week's Site of the Week is a site that I browsed onto a while back.  It has always provided me with information, art, and all that a fan of SM might want.  The name of it is Celestial Paradise.  I give it an 8 out of 10!
- Week of 5-7-01 to 5-13-01
I have two exceptional sites this week!  I browse the web a lot, reading fanfics, checking out sites, getting ideas.  One of my most inspirational sites shown is DayDreamGraphics.Com.  They have so many graphics to choose from, for frames, regular layouts, backgrounds, buttons, and tons more!  They also review websites and such.  All of that crammed into one package, it's amazing!  I give it a 10!  The next one is very well known to Sailor Moon fans, called SenshiDiaries.Com.  They don't just have diaries, oh no no!  They have fanfiction, RPGs, shopping, reviews, newsletter, webring, and tons more to do!  They've inspired me a lot during my time of need, when we use to roll back with  If I were a reviewer for them, I would definitely give that site a 10, all round excellent!

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