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Setsuna: October 29, 1974
Mamoru: August 3, 1975
Haruka: January 27, 1978
Michiru: March 6, 1978
Rei: April 17, 1978
Usagi: June 30, 1978
Ami: September 10, 1978
Minako: October 22, 1978
Makoto: December 5, 1978
Yaten: February 8, 1979
Taiki: May 30, 1979
Seiya: July 30, 1979
Hotaru: January 6, 1980
Chibi-Usa: June 30
Chibi-Chibi: Not known

Thanks Megami for the info!

Birthdays > Coming Up....
Ah, yes, here it is.  June 30, the lovely Tsukino Usagi.  If she were real, she'd be 23 this year.  Well, on your birthday, we wish out the best, and here's a poem for you:

On your birthday we wish you the best
Let it be full of hope and happiness
Live your life to the fullest
Never let it get to the point of being dullest

Keep that romantic man in your arms
And those friends that protect you from all harms
Love yourself and celebrate
You're on your way to 28!

Happiness should always shine through
Never let anyone tell you what to do
Be caring an sweet and always know
We will always watch your show!