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Eternal Escape

Who I am, you would not believe.  I live off of people's hurt, but I do not like to cause it.  There is too much evil in the world, and that is why I was awakened.

I was not to be awakened.  Lke Saturn, my awakening is only for the worst reasons.  I was locked into an eternal sleep, and Hades awaoke me.  Why the gods requested he did, I do not know.

I am known as Moselle Michaels, sister to Bernadette.  She thinks I don't know about her.  Well I do.  I've been through more than any of them.  I've been beaten, raped, incested, and even more, but my spirit stays up.  They don't know, nor will they ever find out.  I have to keep it from them, even though it will hurt them that I haven't told.  I don't want pity, I don't want sympathy.

I just want to be left alone.

- Moselle Michaels