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Heartbreak Hotel

Welcome to my home.  I am Josephine Willows, also known as Mistress Heartbreak.  Let me tell you a little about me.  I am 16 years ols, and I go to Silverstone High School.  I was always shunned by the other students, because they thought I was ugly, and should leave.  Not realizing that they meant it, I stayed, but ignored everyone, until one day, someone insulter me, and power came over me, and I struck the boy with a light from the tip of my finger into his left arm.  He could no longer use that arm.  Then I met Hades.  He was good looking too (don't tell him though), and told me he knew about my powers.  He told me who I was to become, and that explained a lot.  I have gone through a LOT of heatbreak in my life, and knowing that I could use that power to help others helped me.  I was then introduced me to my friends, and we were told what our purpose was.  I am proud of myself, because I can use what I have to protect people who have nothing.

- Josephine Willows