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>~<Where Your Worst Horrors>~<
>~<Really Come True>~<
Welcome to Horror House, the home of the Horror Quartet, also known as Mistress Pain, Mistress Heartbreak, Mistress Soul, and also, well, we call her HER, for her name causes shudders. I am Hades, God of the Underworld, and I am the guardian of these girls. I was sent here by Zeus (the evil son of a gun) to teach them not to use what they have for evil, but to protect innocents with it. Go to the homes of each of the girls, and they will tell you all about them. Remember to come back here to sign the guestbook though!

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Pain Palace - Home of Antoinette Roberts | Heartbreak Hotel - Home of Josephine Willows | Soul Shack - Home of Bernadette Michaels | Eternal Escape - Home of Moselle Hichaels