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Pain Palace

Welcome to my home.  I am the mistress of pain.  I was once the princess of a beautiful planet, but an evil came there and marked my soul with something that everyone at one time in their life feels.  Pain.  As I died, by mother received one last wish from the gods, that I be able to defend myself, and still be a fighter.  They granted that wish, although I could not be the warrior on my planet with the way my soul was, and they now call me.....Mistress Pain

In my normal life, I am just 16 year old Antoinette, struggling in the 11th grade, and trying to go to law school, in small, cramped, Poinciana, Florida.  That is, until I was awakened by my guardian, Hades (who Josephine has a huge crush on), who was sent to guide me on my path.  In between fighting bad guys, I had time to find out about a group of people like me and my friends, called the Sailor Senshi, who fight for love and justice.  I laughed.  They don't know half the things that we deal with.  Galaxia and Chaos could have been defeated by HER with a mere flick of her wrist.

One day, as we were having our normal meeting, Hades told us that a new enemy had come, and guess where it was.  Smack dab in Juuban, in Tokyo Japan.  So we were off, to help those pitiful senshi that protected the White Moon Princess.  Most likely they'd think we were enemies, and of course, I must tell you, HER is unfortunately not liking Serenity very much, as we all don't like her, so friction is gonna come.  O well, we're off to help.

- Antoinette Roberts