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Soul Shack

What you are, is nothing without my power.  I can control you, control your soul.  I am Mistress Soul.

I do not believe in fighting for good.  There is hardly any good now.  All the good there is now is because of that pitiful little Sorceress Isabelle of Lyra.  Her mother is the one that caused us all to be how we are, and one of these days, I will take my anger out on her, and use her as a punching bag.

I am known as Bernadette to my friends.  We fight for good, but Hades knows.  He knows that I am too much like my sister Moselle.  The power has not corrupted her though.  It is like a comfort blanket to her, knowing if anyone hurts her, she will be able to defend herself.  I was once a general for Christine, and I had fallen in love with Topaz.  Isabelle made him die.  Sorceress Isabelle made him die.  My heart shattered after that, and before my heart could heal, I was brought away by Hades.  He knows that I am not truly evil, but am hurt.  He knows that together, Antoinette and Josephine can heal me, but I requested him not to tell them.  I don't want to forget.

- Bernadette Michaels