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Pondering Plains

1. Why does Reenie have pink hair?
If she's supposed to, then why isn't Trunks her father?  That would be more realistic.

2. Raye and Darien.
Actually, they would make the perfect couple.  Cold hearted, always tease Serena, the list goes on and on and on.....

3. Heero and Serena people. (This is gonna take a while)
Not to discriminate the couple (seeing as they're one of my favorites), but they are total opposites!  Serena's a warm, sunny person, Heero's a cold hearted one.  But I can see reasoning, I mean, who would want to see Heero go to Relena?  I mean, that would be REALLY SCARY!  Relena and Darien are the perfect couple!  I have even come up with ways to put them together!

a. Put them together in a room without any memories of who they supposedly love.
b. Push Relena on Darien.  He's too nice to push a pretty girl (yeah right) away.
c. Put Darien in Relena's bed.  She'll wake up with him and think they're married.

*when I think up more ways, I'll post.  If you have any, email them to me!

4. Relationships.
How come the others don't get as much attention about their relationships as Serena or Reenie?  The others are overshadowed, so that Serena's and Dariens's love shines through.

5. The Best Friend Situation.
If Darien was really Andrew's best friend, then why didn't he tell him that he was Tuxedo Mask.  Same for Serena and Molly.  But in their case, Molly got attacked, so even if she did tell her, it wouldn't matter.  It could have streangthened their friendship though.

6. Buses.
How come bus drivers try to cram so many people on, but complain they can't see in the back and isn't moving until they do?  Pure stupidness.

7. Crossover Couples.
Okay, I can get Serena and Trunks, Amy and Cye, or Mina and Ryoga, but I don't get Angel (from his show) and Raye, or Leo (Charmed) and Lita, or even Matt (7th Heaven) and Setsuna!  Don't mix reality with what is not.  Stick with Anime or Manga crossovers please!  I would even put Harry Potter with Hotaru.  That I could get.

8. Surroundings.
Come on now people, the surroundings always stay the same.  The arcade, the park, the lake, the temple, and starlight tower.  Open up the variety for god's sake!  They could have met at Lita's apartment or something.  And the park gets boring sometimes.

9. Heero and Serena Crossovers
Okay, now I've read about 200 crossovers involving that couple.  What ever happened to a Serena & Trowa fic?  Or a Serena & Wufei fic?  They're discriminating against the quiet boys I tell you!