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Approved Links
A Sailor Moon Romance
First Love
Eternal Palace
Princess Crystal Palace
*grep Sailor Moon
An Eternal Moonlight
Silver Millenium SM Page
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The sites you see listed here are sites that have proven themselves to be creative, well-thought out, and very original.  Sies that make it on the list have been through a series of checklists, in which I, rate their site and decide if they deserve to have themselves placed here.
Updates > 6-26-01
Well, I've added 3 more sites to the throng.  Two of them belong to my friend Erics (heya Erica!), and the other is a website from SailorSenshi Top 50.  That person beat me to No. 2, but now we're getting revenge, and WE'RE at No. 2, almost on our way to Number 1!  Keep voting for me, and sending me links!  Also, someone sent an application, but didn't send a link.  Whoever you are, please re-submit your link.  Thankies!

- Angel