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Twilight Midnight RPG

This time it's here, and it's for real. This is the home of the Crystal Selenity's Point RPG. Here you can
get information on characters, such as profiles, who's playing who lists, and a few other goodies. This RPG
is different for two reasons. One, there will not only be Sailor Senshi, but there will also be Zodiac Senshi,
Cosmic Senshi, Universal Genshi, and Celestial Senshi. Two, there will also be the Dark Senshi, which
are the dark forms of all Senshi. This RPG will be fun, so join! The location is
at: Twilight Midnight RPG

Main Menu
Profiles: Sailor Senshi
Profliles: Dark Sailor Senshi
Profiles: Zodiac Senshi
Profiles: Dark Zodiac Senshi
Profiles: Cosmic Senshi
Profiles: Dark Cosmic Senshi
Profiles: Universal Senshi
Proflies: Dark Universal Senshi
Profiles: Celestial Senshi
Profiles: Dark Celestial Senshi