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The time is the Silver Millenium. Princss Serenity and her Guardians, the Inners, are 15. The Outers
are 19. The other Senshi are 17. Queen Serenity already formed an alliance with the Universal Kingdom,
the Celestial and Forever Kingdoms, the Cosmic Kingdom, and the Zodiac Kingdom, which are in the
galaxy. Earth is once again, not part of the Silver Millenium. The Zodiac Senshi, along with
the Universal Senshi, tell Queen Serenity there is evil coming soon. But Queen Serenity ignores that. She
makes the time happy, throwing balls and haing parties and attending to things like every other day. What
will happen for Queen Serenity's neglectance?

Many people have asked me why I chose the Silver Millenium.  It's quite obvious, if I started in modern day Tokyo, their destinies as Sailor Senshi would have been set.  In the Silver Millenium, anything can happen.
P.S. - I am thinking of the DBZ characters making cameo roles in this RPG.  Will get back with you on that idea.