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Mythology > Question
Can anyone tell me who Endymion is after?
I'm clueless about it.
And don't tell me the shepherd.
There was someone else.
See if you can guess who!
Mina - Venus or Aphrodite
          Aprodite was the goddess of Love. She was a bit ditzy and easily jealous. She was to be have long blond hair that hung down. Mina's powers are based around love and Venus is Aphrodities other name. They both take on similar looks and qualities. Aphroditie was also angered easily by the evil and was vengful upon them.

Amy - Mercury or Hermes
          Amy and Hermes are alike in many ways. Hermes was a god of cunning, intellegence and thought. He was fast and nible and givin many jobs to rule over in ancient mythology. Heremes is most known for his job as messanger, and doging fights for Hermes was a more defensive person and always thought of a cunning way out of the fight. He was to assemble embassies for peace and was the god of thiefery, and govener of laguage and intellegent speech.

Serenity/Selenity - Selenity
          Selenity is the goddess of the moon. The Titan Goddess. And little was said about her. She was beutiful and graceful and fell in love with Endymion (seem farmiliar?)

Rei - Mars or Ares
          Ares was the god of the sun, therefore fire. He was short tempered and would anger about little things. He was a galiant fighter and very proud and stuck in his ways. He stuck to what he though was right and didn't let anyone push him around. Ares also knew the art of prohecy. he was an archer and a healer. He was also musical.

Lita - Jupiter or Zeus
          Zeus was king of the Gods and he weilded the lighting bolt as a weapon. He was god of the sky, and most of nature for that matter. He defeated his Father in battle and brought back his brothers and sisters.

Hotaru - Saturn or Cronus
          Crounus was the son of Gaea and Uranus. It was said Saturn was chased away to live in the most outreaches of the Solar System alone by himslef. He was a such a dark and lonly God. Saturday was named after him and he brought the Golden Age in Earth before he was cast out.

Haruka - Uranus or ?
          Uranus was the first god. He was the God of the sky and married Gaea who was the Earth. He was later replaced by Crounus.

Michiru - Neptune or Posideon
          Posideon was the God of the Sea. He was violent when anger and calm and genious when happy.

Setsuna - Pluto or Hades
          Hades is the God of the dead. He ruled the underworld and was feared by all.