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Story of the Moon Kingdom

 One thousand year ago, the planets were all at peace. This period of time is called the Silver Millenium. The Moon was ruled by Queen Serenity and her daughter Princess Serenity. It was a happy and properous time for all, especially the moon. They had dancing and music and their daughter Princess Serenity was happiest of all. She had fallen in love with a
prince from Earth -- Prince Endymion. Soon, a threat to the Moon came. The Dark Moon Kingdom ruled by Queen Beryl planned to conquer the universe. They started to unleash their evil with the Moon. During a lunar eclipse, Queen Beryl led her army to the moon and attacked. The attack caught the moon Kingdom off gaurd and the warriors of the Moon Kingdom were no match for the overwhelming, relentless force of the Dark Moon Kingdom.
Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity swore their love for each other. Prince Endymion gave Princess Serenity a star-locket to remember him always. It is also a symbol of their un-dying love. Of course during the battle, Queen Beryl managed to kill the four warrior (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus) along with Princess Usagi. Queen Beryl succeeded in destroying the Moon Kingdom.
As a last resort, Queen Serenity used the Imperium Silver Crystal to send Queen Beryl and her army back to the Dark Moon Kingdom. Her daughter and her court were sent to Earth to live in peace. She sent her two advisors, Luna and Artemis, back to protect them. Queen Serenity advised that if the Dark Moon would
ever unleash theie evil again, Luna nd Artemis will find the Senshi to fight the evil. And so with the the last ounce of Queen Serenity's breath, she sent all of them to Earth, a thousand years into the future....and so the story begins......!!