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This is in honor of Queen Serenity, Ruler of the Moon Kingdom of the Silver Millenium. Without her, Serena wouldn't be born, and we wouldn't have the star we all know and love. Thank you Queen Serenity, for giving us Serena.

This is also a tribute to the voice actor of Seiya (Sailor Star Fighter, Japanese). May this tribute be seen by her, knowing that we are sad that she died, and that her memory lives on. God bless you!

Dedication to all of the Sailor Scouts. We all love you and even though you're just a cartoon, we like everything about you and some of us want to grow up to be like you in the way you act, the way you
carry yourself.

For Sailor Moon fans all over. This is dedicated to all of you. I thank you for your support and help in creating this.  If anyone would like to help the family of the voice actor of Seiya Kou, please contact us. We as the fans, can really have an impact.